Flooring Installation in Chattanooga TN

At Simply Southern Interiors LLC, we take great care of our Chattanooga TN customers and their properties throughout the building process. We aim for complete client satisfaction, and we achieve it by respecting your time, budget, and top-quality flooring installation. We give every project our all, using every morsel of expertise, technique, and knowledge we’ve gained over years of dedicated flooring service. Call us at (706) 264-1599 now. 

Exceptional Flooring Services with Simply Southern Interiors LLC

Locally owned and operated, Simply Southern Interiors LLC’s professional flooring experts were trained for years, receiving an official industry certification. Clients can have faith that the job they’re paying us to do will be done with excellence and last at peak performance for the length of the warranty. We’re also licensed and insured, professional all the way, protecting clients from paying out of pocket for worksite accidents. For top-of-the-line flooring services, call us now.

Flooring Contractors Expertise

In order to provide a no-obligation assessment and estimate, we visit the proposed installation site. We come with an extensive selection of samples of the client’s preferred materials based on information gathered during the initial phone call. If none of those fit your style, we can present you with even more options. After the inspection and measurements are completed, we calculate an approximate estimate that gets narrowed down with the final selections. We’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with our pricing.

Capable Flooring Installation Contractors

Our flooring installation contractors have managed countless projects and have developed a unique strategy for controlled, organized operation regardless of unexpected happenings or last-minute changes. That’s the value of experience and leadership that we bring to every project. Our customers can sit back while we:

  • Order material from trusted vendors
  • Arrange convenient deliveries
  • Arrive on time to perform our duties
  • Remove old floor safely and efficiently
  • Lay a level subfloor
  • Lay level flooring
  • Install molding
  • Perform an in-depth clean up
  • Follow up to ensure your satisfaction
  • Communicate clearly from start to finish.

Impeccable Flooring Installation Services

Our flooring installation services leave lasting results because we know our industry as well as we know ourselves. Our education didn’t stop after trade school, we remain immersed in the industry and keep up with advancements in sustainable materials, new technology-infused tools and machinery, and current and upcoming trends around the world. We’ve mastered the techniques of flooring installation services for every kind of flooring, including:

  • Hardwood: Oak, maple, cherry, pine, fir, ash, mahogany
  • Engineered wood
  • Stone: Marble, granite, slate
  • LVP (luxury vinyl plank): Faux wood, stone, and tile
  • Carpet and carpet tile
  • Tile: Ceramic, porcelain, clay, stone
  • Polished concrete
  • Laminate
  • Sheet vinyl: Colors, faux hardwood, stone

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Simply Southern Interiors LLC is the only name to know when it comes to investing in superior flooring in Chattanooga TN. We take great pride in delivering our customers superior results on time and on budget, and we look forward to exceeding expectations.

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