Window Installation in Dalton

Getting a certified, licensed, and insured window company to install your new windows is always the best way of guaranteeing their security and longevity. With our professional, expert technique, and passion for perfection, Simply Southern Interiors LLC is a prime example of the window contractor clients should consider for their window installations. Honest and hardworking, our window contractors have the skill and precision to deliver watertight, airtight windows every time.

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Simply Southern Interiors LLC: Qualified Window Company

Not all window companies are built or operate with the same professionalism and transparency. You may end up hiring a novice who won’t ensure a tight seal on your new window or a pro whose best talent is overcharging you for their services. By contrast, what you get when you hire Simply Southern Interiors LLC are honest, skilled contractors who take the proper steps to ensure windows are installed exactly as they should be: so well incorporated into the building that water infiltration and air escape are impossible.

Knowledgeable Window Contractors

During our initial assessment and consultation, our window installation contractors differentiate between the types of windows—both standard and custom—that might appeal most to a customer, based on their specifications and existing frames. We take the time to talk with clients about their preferences and offer energy efficiency ‘hacks’ that will lower their energy consumption through window placement. With window measurements and selections made, we calculate a realistic estimate we can adhere to.

A Multi-Talented Window Installation Company

Our outstanding vendors provide us with great prices for a whole host of different window types, shapes, and sizes, as well as custom window construction. We’ve furnished everything from a small, sweet window to a window wall.

Our most common window installations involve:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Bow windows
  • Bay windows
  • Picture windows
  • Garden windows
  • Multi-shaped windows, including circle, triangle, hexagon, octagon, etc.
  • Custom windows

Our Tried-and-True Window Installation Steps

With an accepted estimate, our window installation contractors kick into high gear. We operate in a smooth, organized manner, and that all begins by being incredibly prepared and keeping communication with the client open. 

Our process involves:

  • Verifying the rough openings accord to exact measurements of windows
  • Ordering windows for on-time delivery
  • Securing all parts, tools, and equipment, so there are no stalls mid-project
  • Prepping the opening for the most secure hold on the window with wrap and flashing
  • Applying caulk
  • Installing the window and testing its function
  • Verifying placement is centered and level
  • Nailing in through the window jamb to the frame
  • Sealing with spray foam and flashing tape

Window Installation Specialists

Once your windows are securely in place, we clean up and deliver certification of installation and final billing. We look forward to feedback about your enjoyment of the windows, especially if it’s a new brand on the market. After a positive experience with Simply Southern Interiors LLC, we hope to work with you again down the road for more windows or repairs.

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We look forward to personalizing your home or business with windows that do double duty, offering aesthetic beauty, and sealing up a property for increased energy efficiency. Call us at (706) 264-1599 now to get started!